Products we have supplied or sold ourselves are listed below.
EPS are not presently selling software or test appliances directly. Projects and solutions of a similar nature are supplied to out customers.

Industrial Test Rig Controller (OEM supply to tecnisis ltd 2012-2103)

Control software for industrial test rig that tests PCB's and then calibrates completed RF based utility meters. Includes operator and manager UI elements, instrument and hardware control, data logging.

Service Monitor Duo (EPS product 2008-2012)

A test appliance for testing cellular services. It presents 2 or 4 RF channels and GPS capability.

Probe BuilderTM (OEM supply to HP 2003-2010, EPS product thereafter)

Probe Builder JavaScript developer environment for building service testing scenarios. Originally part of HP's "OpenView" product range. It was recently updated to allow stand alone operation and integration with OMNI boom .

Control Point (EPS Product 2009-2012)

Probe Builder Control Point provides a control infrastructure for distributed service testing.

Mobile Workbench (EPS Product 2009-2012)

This is a toolkit for professional developers that extends the capabilities of the Probe Builder product to enable service testing for mobile and fixed networks.

Voice Test Station (EPS Product 2007-2012)

This is a professional developer toolkit for telephony service testing that requires audio capabilities. It is based on processing of PCM signals as either speech patterns, tone, or media content.

OpenView Response Time Workbench (HP Product 1998-2003)

Enabled the instrumentation of Windows® binaries so that response times and workflow execution could be monitored using other HP OpenView products. EPS built the product as a protoype and then sold the intellectual property rights to HP. EPS worked with HP to bring the software to product status.

OpenView MeasureWare Desktop (HP Product 1996-2001)

Provided agent support for Windows desktops so they could report to HP's OpenView HP-UX servers. It was originally supplied as client consulting to an HP customer. HP purchased the intellectual property from EPS. EPS subsequently worked with HP to bring to product status.